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Thank you for visiting with me...

Isn't it a magical and mysterious thing, this art we call photography? We capture the moment, the truth of a scene, the beauty our eye beholds and often do that simply for our own soul's 


Whether you have a compact point-and-shoot, an expensive DSLR or a phone camera, the best camera to have is the one in your hands. Everyone can take great photos.

I have a Diploma in Photography and Lightroom Editing and as well as running my own passion projects I love to work with individuals, families or companies to capture what you're passionate about.

When I'm not working or Home Educating my teen son I love to teach. 'He who teaches learns' as the latin saying goes and the joy of teaching is the pleasure of always growing and learning with my students.

I live in a leafy green village in Greater London and am far enough out to still love the city and close enough in to enjoy it's rich history, architecture and culture in smaller doses. Wife, mum, coffee drinker, owned by a Vizlsa.

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